How to use your replacement reviews service on ScienceDirect

What is the Reviews Replacement Service?
Please see the Review Replacement Service FAQ page.

If you have full text access to BioMedNet Reviews through a paid institutional subscription, your organization has been given access to a replacement reviews service on ScienceDirect, at

We have created some tips below, which show you some of the ways you can use ScienceDirect to get the same kind of functionality you enjoyed in BioMedNet Reviews.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to BioMedNet Reviews will still be available until the 30th June. ScienceDirect access is being transferred gradually. If you do not yet have access to ScienceDirect please ask your librarian to contact their account manager for an update.

1. Start Your Access
2. View Subscribed Journals
3. Create Favourite Journals List
4. Restricting Searches
5. Saving Searches / Search Alerts
6. Virtual Journals
7. TOC Alerts
8. ScienceDirect Tutorials

9. Contact

How to start accessing your review articles in ScienceDirect

1. Go to

This is the journals home page from where you can alphabetically browse any of the 1800 titles on Science Direct. All titles marked by a green icon are available to you as full text.

How to start accessing your review articles in ScienceDirect
For non-subscribed titles you will have access to the TOC and abstract. To see how to access your full list of available journals please see View Subscribed Journals below

2. Click on a journal title link to be taken to the journal's home page.


View Subscribed Journals

1. Select 'subscribed' to get a list of all the journals your institute subscribes to

View Subscribed Journals
and hit 'apply'


Create Favourite Journals List

Click on the 'my profile' box at the top of the screen or visit

1. You will be asked to enter your ScienceDirect user login at this point. If you do not have a login, you will need to register which takes just a few minutes. Please note that your BioMedNet login is not valid for ScienceDirect

2. Your institute's list of subscribed journals is listed on the left. Click on 'add' to select those you wish to include in your favourite journals list.

Create A Favourite Journals List

Restricting Searches

How to restrict your search to your favourite journals list:

1. Click on 'Search' at the top of the screen, or visit

2. Select the 'journals' tab to invoke the journals search box

Restricting Searches

3. Select as your search source, 'My favourite journals'. This will restrict any subsequent search to be made across the titles included in your favourite journals profile.

4. You can check the 'Review Article' box on the search screen to limit your searches to Review articles. Note: this may also include review articles from other parts of Science Direct not included in your full-text collection of 46 life science review journals. In these cases, you will get access to the abstract.


Saving Searches / Search Alerts

1. Run your search and select 'Save Search', or 'Save as Search Alert' located at the top of your results screen
Saving Searches / Search Alerts

Virtual Journals

The Virtual Journals service on BioMedNet will no longer be available after the 30th June and will be replaced by the saved search alert above.


TOC Alerts

Table Of Contents alerts will also only be available on ScienceDirect after 30th June. To set up your TOC alerts please click here. Please note that you will be required to register on this site if you have not already done so. For further information about alerts on ScienceDirect please click here.


ScienceDirect Tutorials

Finally, ScienceDirect offers you a set of tutorials online, covering all aspects of what you can do on the platform, at



Contact the relevant Regional Science Direct Helpdesk to you.